XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX104 v2.5.2 - Dashboard v20211211 2.4.2   /  Service uptime: 30 days 08:15:29
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# Flag Callsign Suffix DPRS Via / Peer Last heard Listening on
1 United StatesUnited States K4MWW 51P2 K4MWW A 30.09.2023 09:26 C
2 United StatesUnited States KX4IB KX4IB B 30.09.2023 09:26 C
3 United StatesUnited States WA4VMF 5100 WA4VMF B 28.09.2023 21:40 C
4 United StatesUnited States W3DLB 5100 W3DLB B 28.09.2023 21:18 C
5 United StatesUnited States K4IO K4IO B 25.09.2023 14:01 C
6 United StatesUnited States N4WMM 51A2 N4WMM B 24.09.2023 18:55 C
7 United StatesUnited States KE4QCM WA4ASI B 23.09.2023 10:32 Y
8 BG4IGO 705 BG4IGO D 17.09.2023 06:02 A
Georgia Club

XLX104 & YSF 37102
Serving our friends
in Newton - DeKalb - Cobb - Gwinnett - Appling counties of Georgia and the World
This reflector is DCS - DPlus (REF) - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) on "Y" - Please Connect DMR to "D" only.
No transcoding however DMR<>DMR OK
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